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That tired individual above is me, John. I am the founder of OP-SEC.US. The photograph was taken in August 2010 somewhere between Jakarta, Indonesia and Bandung, Indonesia. If you've ever traveled in Indonesia, you will understand my not knowing precisely where I was when this was taken.

This is my personal website. Since I'm by trade a Networking Geek and not an HTML designer, I hope that you will forgive the rather drab look-feel of this site. It is simply my personal web presence.

If you're here looking for the code for the Multi-Router Looking Glass (MRLG), please click on the link in the navigation bar.

Update 4/9/2011:

The picture above was taken at the Telefonica earth station in Bogotá Colombia.

Update 5/26/2012 another trip to Colombia:

Another earth station in the mountains of Colombia.

Update April 1, 2013 in Padang, Indonesia:

Some pics with my 2013 Indonesia Team

Waiting on someone to open up the site... AGAIN!

It's been a long day!

And you think your cubical is small???

Back at the hotel. Time to get some relaxation in!

Sunday Evening - Oceanside in Padang

The team is getting rowdy! They're planning a surprise birthday party for me tonight!

Update 9/30/2013, somewhere in the Kingdom of Tonga:

That's my ride... Tail number: A3-CIA