The Team

John Fraizer A 20+ year veteran of the IP Networking industry, John has operated in nearly every role imaginable in the field. His telecommunications career began in 1989 as a cellular field engineer for Alltel (now Verizon). In 1996, John founded EnterZone Network Services, a regional NSP with emphasis on High Security Datacenter services. Shortly thereafter, EnterZone spawned CMH-IX, The Columbus Internet Exchange, a regional Internet Exchange Point for Tier-1 through Tier-3 service providers. John founded OP-SEC.US in 2005 as a personal domain in preparation for the sale of EnterZone.

In 2006, John became the senior of Sr. Internetworking Engineers for NuVox Communications, a super-regional CLEC based in Greenville, SC.

In 2009, John and NuVox parted ways and John went to work for LinkSat, Inc as their Senior Network Engineer.

In April of 2011, John took a short sabbatical from the international travel associated with his work at LinkSat and became the Director of Global Network Operations for Netriplex in Asheville, NC in preparation for their sale of the company.

In November of 2011, John returned to LinkSat as Chief Network Engineer and Director of Training.